Our Team


Our Management Team is comprised of competent staff, skilled in geriatric care. We have years of experience working with case managers, social workers, health care facilities and families, providing personalized care to a variety of environments. Our licensed nurses supervise and train our caregivers on a continual basis to ensure that our quality of care remains true.

Being a caregiver gives me great satisfaction. In the absence of loved ones, I am able to give comfort to my patients and assist them with their needs. I am able to provide them with the best care they need …I treat them as if they were my own family member.
— Effie, Cheerway Care Caregiver

We are available to you 24 hours/7 days a week. If there is a staffing emergency, and a replacement caregiver is needed, our staffing coordinators are on call to help. We want the families we serve to know that their family member will be cared for safely and continuously.

Our Management Team is also known for being exceptionally attentive to those we serve. We pride ourselves in having open communication with our clients and listening to all feedback. If something isn’t working, we commit to making it right. If something is working well, we will continue with excellence. Our priority is to provide supportive caregivers who will give you or your loved one the best care possible. Anything short of that is unacceptable to us.

Our Team is ready to handle any of your questions on how to start the home-care process. Give us a call and one of our management staff can schedule a free in-home assessment today.


Meet our staff

Frances rana

Director of Operations

Maria Saludo

Home Care Coordinator and Marketing Liaison

Janridge Logan

Nurse Trainer, LPN

Mae Joy Pangilinan

Home Care Coordinator, RN

Nino Alvarez & Janridge Logan 

Staff Coordinators